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The Florida Association of the Deaf/Blind and Multi-handicapped, Inc.

Our mission is to enable persons who are Multi-sensory Impaired (MSI) to reach their optimum potential by providing them a comprehensive, specialized support system , which focuses on the total life of the individual and his/her family (where appropriate).

Supported environments should be of suffient quality to reduce dependency, promote a high quality of dignity of choice and access them to community integration. All possibe opportunity should be made to provide as all inclusive life skills experiences as possible with emphasis on early intervention, language/communication skills, all in their functional environments.

Robert Smithdas (he himself is deaf-blind.
Helen Keller National Center in New York stated...

"It should be recognized that the combination of deafness and blindness constitutes one of the severest handicaps known. Person's afflicted withthe dual disabiity face unique problems of communication, mobility, socially and cognitively that drastically curtail and limit their sources of information and experiences. Deaf-blindness is a severely isolating handicap"

"The one handicap that is perhaps the most difficult to overcome has nothing to do with sight, hearing or mobility. It's not the result of an accident or congenital problem, but rather is imposed on people with disabilities by those around them.
It might be called an expectation impairment because it defines incorrectly the limitation of those with handicapping conditions.

American Way Magazine October 1995


We believe that persons who are multi-sensory impaired, regardless of their handicapping consitions have the inalienable right to a dignified quality life.



We believe they should be provided necessary supported environments, which promote dignity of choice, based on their individual needs and abilities.



We believe in promoting expectations in our approach to developing and expanding individual competencies in language, socialization education & emplyment.



We believe that no one agency can adequately serve the unique complex needs of persons who are multi-sensory impaired. (MSI) Therefore, we value our position as advocates.




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News and Events

March 1, 1987
Grand Opening
GENESIS 1 opened it's doors at 9760 Bradley Rd. Jacksonville Fl.

1988 - early 1990's
State Pilot Project for supported employment.
Jobs in Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Taylor Rental, Holiday Inn East, Westside Pizza Hut, JU duplicating Dept.

February 27th, 1992
Grand Opening
GENESIS II opened its doors at 3452 Washburn Road In Jacksonville Florida.

2001 - present
Specialized adult day training program serving our residents and non - residents.

November 7th 2009
25th Anniversity Celebration (1984-2009)
Lillian Garcia and staff celebrate their 25th Anniversity working with the Deaf/Blind & MH..


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What They Say

test "Every human being has undeniable rights, which respected, render happiness possible - the right to live his/her life as far as may be"

by: Helen Keller

About Us

On October 19, 1984 a charter was granted by the State of Florida to the F;orida Association for the Deaf/Blind & Multi-Handicapped (FADB). With the support and help of local parents & professionals, the residence for the deaf/blind was born.